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What are your thoughts on the opioid crisis?

close-up-pillsWe have had a ton of patients ask us about our thoughts on the opioid crisis?

Here is our answer:

The opioid crisis, in large part, is a result of people with pain going to the wrong doctors. If your doctor writes you a prescription without taking xrays or other imagines and without touching your back, then you are going to the wrong doctor. Also, it’s important that we look at the source of where the pain is coming from and correcting it, not just masking the problems with pain medications. Back pain is not like an infection, it’s usually due to biomechanical faults and it’s important that your doctor find them and fix them.

Try conservative treatment first- Chiropractic, Massage and Acupuncture or PT. Most of the time this alone will help. This would be a good start to help eliminate the opioid crisis.

Dr. Daniels
Go Health Chiropractic

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