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What is Wellness Care/Maintenance Care vs Acute Care and how does insurance play a role?

Woman eating from bowlWe at Go Health Chiropractic understand that people want to utilize their insurance when it comes to their health care, however, insurance companies typically do not have their client’s health care goals in mind when it comes to coverage.

Let’s talk Acute Care

Imagine if you hadn’t brushed your teeth for the first thirty years of your life. Of course, you would need to go through an extensive process of correcting the problem first just to get your teeth to a place where they can be maintained but even then, with regular maintenance it is likely that you would still experience some problems over time. This would be acute care. Care you need until the problem is resolved. After this acute condition is resolved, wellness or maintenance care proceeds.

Now Let’s Talk about the importance of Wellness/Maintenance care

If we use working out and weight loss as an example. Say you wanted to lose 20 lbs. You spend time prepping, going to the gym, working out and eating right. After you lost your weight and now at your goal weight, you must CONTINUE to do these things to prevent you from gaining the weight back.

The exact same rule applies to every aspect of our lives. It’s important to maintain our car, our home, our health, our teeth, our relationships, and yes our spines! We only have ONE spine and there are no spine transplants!

Typically ailments we see in our office are due to daily life activities such as prolonged sitting, improper workstations, poor sleeping habits and more. Therefore, continued care is NECESSARY to keep you feeling your best. We want activities in your daily life (gardening, working out, taking care of kids) to be fun and painless, but this can only be achieved with wellness care.

How does insurance play a part?

Just like all insurance plans, some services are covered and others may not, even though it may be necessary. Health insurance has become a bit more like “sick insurance”. Most insurance policies state “Maintenance care is when a patient has reached a point where symptoms are stable therefore are not a covered service.” Even if a patient may still have some degree of pain, once improvement has leveled off or treatments have exceeded 2 months, treatment is no longer covered by insurance.

Get Started Today

Where do you see your health in 5 years? In 10 years? Do you simply want to stay at your current level of health, or would you prefer to see your health continuing to improve every year for the next 10, 20, 30 years?

If so, commit to a process Wellness Care Plan of constant and never-ending improvement regardless of your insurance coverage. Do not let your insurance dictate your health care plan!!

The purpose of wellness care is to ensure that you stay in good health. While acute care might relieve immediate discomfort, ongoing chiropractic care can prevent discomfort in the first place.

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